Computer Support

For all your Business and Home computer support Curve Technology is your one stop shop.

We offer a variety of computer based services, whether your device is a little bit older, brand new or you are looking at buying brand new we have a service that can cater to your needs. When you choose us you are guaranteeing the health of your computer, our friendly team will not only perform what you’ve asked them to but, will inform you of any other issues that may arise and always check to make sure that a repair is in your best interest.

General Service

Computer running slow? Do popups appear while you’re browsing the internet?

If so your computer may have a virus, some form of malware or a combination of both. When we perform a general service we guarantee that we will get all the bugs if we happen to miss one just bring your computer back within the allocated time for another cleanout on us.

Service Includes:

  • Remove all viruses, malware and unwanted programs
  • Update and Secure Patches and Drivers
  • Harden Security and give your computer a performance tune up

Hardware Repair

Is your Laptop or Desktop having problems starting? Has the screen been broken? Is it no longer charging?

All these are common issues to have with computers and the good news is we can fix almost any computer. At Curve we strive to get the best quality parts at the lowest cost so we can provide our customers with quality fixes at affordable prices.

Service Includes:

  • Hardware Assessment
  • Quote Provided
  • Hardware Repaired/Replaced where neccesary

Data Migration

Have you purchased a new computer? Would you like the programs and data from your old computer transferred across and setup for you?

Let the experts take all the stress and hassle out setting up your new computer with all your data, settings and programs from your old computer. Even if the old computer no longer works most times we can still migrate your data over for you.

Service Includes:

  • Data Migration
  • Email Setup
  • Program and Setting Migration


Data Recovery

Has your computer, external hard drive or storage device failed?

Before you write the device off as being rubbish bring it in to the professionals. There is a good chance that whatever data was on your device is still retrievable. We will recover your data and put it onto another storage device of your choice or sell you one of our recommended storage devices fro the amount of data.

Service Includes:

  • Performing a comprehensive Backup
  • Migrating available data
  • Sending device to the lab where necessary


Callout Service

We are able to deal with any problem that a normal business network would encounter such as Email not working, Internet down, network running slowly, problems with the network cables, Viruses and other malware related issues, recovery of lost data, crashed PC or server, problems with your Internet Service Provider and much more.

Service Includes:

  • Friendly IT Technician Visiting Your House/Business
  • Fast and Reliable Service
  • Etc

Desktops And Laptops

Is it time to upgrade? Do you just want a new computer, but don’t know what to get?

We don’t keep lots of old computers instock and force you to buy them, instead we meet with you and come up with a custom solution just for you that will fit your budget and incorporate what you need.

Service Includes:

  • Recommending best price vs performance
  • Working to a budget set by you
  • Custom builds available

We Support The following Operating Systems

If yours is not here we may still support your device it might not be common enough for our site to have it at this time